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    This instrument is not intended as a competition, but rather as a personal self-evaluation. Therefore, be rigorously honest with your self-evaluations.+


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    The value of the assessment lies in the degree to which your score accurately reflects your thinking. The cumulative score of point totals for all ten statements will determine the feedback given. This should be valuable for making positive adjustments as needed and desired.


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    I. Background

    Many factors influence the quality of your life in terms of health in general and the experience of exuberance in particular. These include genetics and where you were born and from whom. There are twelve recognized health determinants; five seem most influential to your prospects for a lavish life.


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    Income and social status

    Education and literacy

    Childhood experience

    Social support and coping skills

    Healthy behavior


    Statement # 1

    My experience with regard to all or most of these determinants has been and remains positive and beneficial. _____


    II. Background

    Happiness is a prominent feature of exuberance. It is experienced in various ways, but seven elements are commonly identified in studies of happy people: a sense of gratitude, wise choice of goals, effective time management, optimism, association with positive people, appreciation for music, and frequent expressions of love.


    Statement # 2

    These seven elements are fixed features of the way I usually feel, value and experience life. _____


    III. Background

    A recent Psychology Today article by Suzanne Degges-White entitled Four Keys to Happiness: Live in Harmony with Others to Best Enjoy the Music of Life (July 2015) focused on just four qualities essential to happiness. One of these is gratitude, which has already been recognized. The other three are cheerfulness, kindness, and compassion.


    Statement # 3

    I consider the above three qualities, as well as those of gratitude, to be conscious features of my personality - and I strive to think and act accordingly. _____


    IV. Background

    Unlike the way we learn language and religion, namely from parents or guardians who educate us and others who influence our early years, most of us don't think much independently about our unique purposes or other existential-like questions. Only after years of experience and personal development do we develop the ability to identify and describe our own vision of goals and meanings, if ever.

    As time passes, we often make new discoveries, and our ideas about meaning change and evolve. Just when we think we've found our purpose (s), things happen and we realize that additional adjustments are in order. We can do well to learn to expect this, to stay tuned to further possibilities that seem interesting, sometimes compelling, and even consistent in reshaping our reflections on such matters.


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